Recreational programs provide youths with access to experiences that help them explore and engage in activities that enhance their learning and development. Some activities can also provide an increased liability and potential of injury for staff and/or participant.

Creating a safe environment where participants can socialize and have fun should be standard operating procedures for all programs. Safety practices should be completed to the highest professional standards and in line with federal, state, local, and accrediting agency guidelines.

As preparation begins to take shape for recreational camps and programs, Nationwide Loss Control Services has a wide variety of resources to assist leaders develop and implement safe practices.

These include:

Organizations should review and update their risk management plans regularly, especially when there are changes or new developments in programs, such as new activities, facilities, equipment, or regulations.

Recreational Risk Management Program (RRMP): Nationwide customers have access to an interactive and customizable RRMP that can help organizations and camps develop their own written program guidelines and oversight of their activities. As part of this program, resources have been designed to assist an organization’s risk management team evaluate exposures and determine necessary risk management controls. Customers can sign in to and learn more about this program under the Programs link at the top of the page.

By planning ahead and taking proactive measures, you can ensure that your recreational camps and programs provide youths with a safe environment which can help prevent, reduce, or eliminate potential hazards and liabilities, and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Additionally, this will improve your organization’s quality, reputation, and sustainability.

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