January 2024 Features:

  • Preventing slip injuries is more than just clearing snow and ice
  • Minimize rooftop snow and ice hazards
  • Fleet safety: Setting the right direction
  • Recordkeeping for risk management

November 2023 Human Services Newsletter Features:

  • Spotlight on substance abuse
  • Set realistic expectations with those you serve
  • Suicide prevention for human services providers
  • Does your community have SMART911?

November 2023 Construction Newsletter Features:

  • Non-weather water damage trend
  • Deer season: 700,000+ collisions
  • Cyber resources
  • Water Damage Mitigation Program

November 2023 Features:

  • Reduce fire risks posed by electric vehicles
  • Vehicle technology can help prevent collisions
  • 3 steps to effective machine guarding
  • Protect your employees and customers by preventing slips, trips and falls

July 2023 Construction Newsletter Features:

  • Emergency action planning
  • Fall protection training session
  • Workers’ comp savings strategy
  • Construction site weather planning

July 2023 Features:

  • Auto safety for small fleets
  • Wildfire smoke: Keep workers safe
  • Help prevent Legionnaires' disease
  • Know risks of CPVC pipes

June 2023 Senior Living Newsletter Features:

  • Reduce risk at all stages of dementia care
  • Memory care: Set realistic expectations
  • Help reduce the risk of elopement
  • Minimize risks of lithium-ion batteries

May 2023 Features:

  • Keep drivers safe year-round with these monthly training resources
  • Remote work has become the new norm. These tips can help reduce risk for remote workers
  • Follow these guidelines to create safe outdoor dining areas
  • Wildfire threats could increase in 2023. Prepare your business for a wildfire emergency

March 2023 Features:

  • Reduce rear-end collisions to control costs and keep workers safe
  • The 65+ workforce is growing. These principles can help keep all sectors of your workforce safe and engaged
  • Help prevent customer injuries by selecting durable chairs rated for commercial use
  • Protect your business against serious water damage and keep costs down with our customizable water mitigation program

March 2023 Human Services Newsletter Features:

  • April is dedicated to promoting the safety and well-being of children; to support your mission, resources are available on our Day Care and Child Care page
  • Take these steps to help prevent child sexual abuse
  • Use these child care resources to help make everyday moments safer for children
  • Reduce your liability when employees and volunteers drive their own vehicles on behalf of your organization
  • When used and maintained properly, fire doors can help save lives by preventing the spread of fire and smoke

January 2023 Features:

  • Evaluate your exposure associated with non-owned vehicles and ensure that the proper controls are in place
  • Use these effective tips to keep your industrial forklift operations safe
  • Protect your business by reducing your product liability exposure
  • Inspecting fire extinguishers regularly can help ensure that they work properly so they're ready if needed

November 2022 Features:

  • Winterize vehicles and prepare drivers for driving safely on snow and ice
  • Use effective machine guarding to prevent worker injuries
  • Carbon monoxide exposure can rise in winter. Learn tips to keep workers and customers safe
  • Before winter weather arrives, take proper care of your roof to help prevent property damage or injury
  • Maintain strong driver qualifications during a worker shortage

September 2022 Features:

  • Protect your business during hurricane season with these suggestions
  • These best practices can help to reduce deer collisions
  • This 4-step prescription can help minimize the impact of worker injuries
  • Follow these tips to stay safe against cyberattacks

July 2022 features:

  • Utilize these best practices to ensure drivers are operating safely on the roadway
  • Build a safety culture and empower your workforce to identify common hazards with our No HARM, No FOUL resource
  • Falls account for over 8 million hospital ER visits. Take steps to reduce the chance of an employee or customer becoming a statistic
  • Implementing a strong Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation Prevention and Detection Program is a critical step for every health and human services provider

May 2022 features:

  • When a worker is injured on the job, Nurse Triage can be used to guide the worker to appropriate medical care
  • Use these tools to educate drivers on ways to prevent motorcycle collisions and stay safe on the road
  • Share the following tips with your employees to help them reduce the dangers of excessive heat stress
  • Human trafficking can happen almost anywhere. Know the signs that could help save a life
  • Follow these helpful steps to prevent microbiologically influenced corrosion in your sprinklers

March 2022 features:

  • Use these tools to educate managers and drivers on how to reduce inattentive driving
  • Access safety programs for employees that work from ladders and scaffolding
  • Learn why it’s imperative to conduct criminal background checks to protect your business
  • Take these steps to prevent dryer vent fires in your residential properties

January 2022 features:

  • Learn how to protect your employees if they’re working in subfreezing temperatures
  • Read why organizations that fail to review MVRs, at hire and annually, risk more accidents and increased liability
  • Understand the legal responsibilities a business owner has to visitors at their facility
  • Reduce fire risk by following these best practices

November 2021 features:

  • Learn how to winterize your vehicles and educate your drivers for winter driving
  • Every business should take these steps to help minimize water damage from burst sprinkler pipes
  • When hiring young or inexperienced workers, make sure you’re following wage and hour rules set by regulators
  • Follow these steps to protect the good name of your business – especially if a crisis occurs

September 2021 features:

  • Learn how to mitigate risks from water damage, which can be a major cause of loss on construction sites
  • Create an emergency action plan to ensure you’re prepared if disaster strikes
  • Learn about key DOT regulations, who needs a CDL, and how compliance can help your business manage fleet safety risks
  • Discover resources to assist in protecting your people and property in the event of a hurricane

July 2021 features:

  • Discover tips to prepare your business in the event of a wildfire emergency
  • Follow these three safety steps to help create a fleet safety program for your organization
  • Use this ergonomic screening tool to help identify common manual material handling exposures in the workplace
  • Prepare for cyberattacks and protect your business from them

May 2021 features:

  • Our 24/7 Nurse Triage program, which helps businesses report and treat on-the-job injuries
  • Take steps to safely store your idle pallets and prevent fire hazards
  • Review the benefits of using new technologies to help prevent distracted driving
  • Put these risk transfer agreements in place to help avoid damaging lawsuits

March 2021 features:

  • Create a wildfire emergency action plan for your business
  • Prevent slips and falls on your interior floors and external property
  • Determine which dashcam system is best for your business
  • Understand laws that apply to businesses that serve alcohol

January 2021 features:

  • Keep your parking lots and sidewalks free of winter hazards
  • Protect your building (and business) from winter weather
  • New technology can assist in accident prevention
  • The right training can help prevent workplace violence
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