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Impairment Detection

AlertMeter® is an application that allows companies to identify an employee who is having an “off day” for reasons including fatigue, illness, intoxication, and emotional distraction.

iLearning Machines logo

Child abuse prevention program

iLearningEngines' Smarter Adults-Safer Children Program provides organizations with the knowledge and resources to further strengthen efforts toward protecting the children, staff and communities you serve.

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tattletale® is the world’s first portable, digital and cellular security system, and is used by many of the nation’s largest construction companies to protect their job sites and equipment 24/7.

Driver's Alert | LMS Courses

Fleet safety management and online training

Driver’s Alert | LMSCourses provides a suite of fleet safety management tools including: MVRs, 1-800 How's My Driving, Geotab telematics and online safety training courses (fleet, workplace, construction, etc.)

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Background checks

IntelliCorp’s employment verification services (criminal, prior work history, education) allow employers to screen applicants to help minimize risk and determine the quality of new hires.

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Dashcam safety program

DriveCam® technology from Lytx® offers a state-of-the-art solution that can help your business improve driver safety and reduce costs associated with collisions and claims.

Inside Out LMS

Employee training

Inside Out's Mission Control app is a Web-based training platform that connects your employees to instructional programs around safety, culture and processes.

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FireAvert Kitchen Fire Prevention Devices

FireAvert makes kitchen fire prevention devices that can help protect a landlord’s tenants and property from the main cause of residential fires: distracted or unattended cooking.

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Habitational tenant background checks

Transunion SmartMove® is an online screening solution that gives landlords a simple and low-cost way to qualify rental applicants, further protecting their investment in their property.

Stovetop Firestop logo

Kitchen fire suppression devices

StoveTop FireStop® makes automatic kitchen fire suppression devices that can help protect a landlord’s tenants and property from the number 1 cause of residential fires: unattended cooking.

Zubie Asset Trak logo

Equipment Tracking

Zubie's equipment tracking platform is simple to install, simple to activate, and simple to use. Nationwide customers are eligible to receive discounted pricing.

Crisis Prevention Institute logo

Crisis Prevention Institute

Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) offers you evidence-based de-escalation and crisis prevention training and dementia care services.

Jackson Lewis Logo

EPLI: Reduce Risk

When you're covered by Employment Practices Liability Insurance from Nationwide, you can access and Jackson Lewis, LLP - two resources to help reduce or prevent costly employment claims.

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Cyber Safety

When you insure your cyber exposures with Nationwide, you get access to Cyber Safety, powered by Zeguro. With this tool, you’ll get a better understanding of your data information exposures so you can be prepared for a cyberattack or data breach.

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