Step-by-step guidance for addressing specific risk management challenges

As our customer, you have access to several ready-to-use risk management solutions that most business owners recognize as good ideas, but many don’t get around to introducing. Using our programs below, you can easily bring these ideas to life.

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Loss control programs

Recreational Activity Risk Mitigation Interactive Guide

Many organizations offer recreational activities, but these activities also provide an increased liability and potential for staff and/or participant injury. This program is designed to help an organization evaluate exposures and determine necessary risk management controls.

sprinkler valve out of service tag

Construction Fall Protection Interactive Guide

Preventing fall-related injuries and fatalities requires a collaborative effort at all levels of your business and a commitment to train and implement comprehensive fall protection strategies.

Fire protection impairment

When your building’s sprinkler system is down, whether pre-planned or unexpected, your ability to control a fire in your facility is limited. Use this program to help you manage such events.

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Hot work permit

Any time workers do welding or similar jobs on your property, it’s critical to carefully monitor the area where hot work takes place. Use a hot work permit every time to help prevent property losses.

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Successful Return-to-Work

Learn the benefits of adopting a Successful Return-to-Work Program for injured employees, and get resources that can help you implement an effective program for your business.

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Risk transfer for contractors

As a contractor, you can use this program to help reduce your exposure to damaging lawsuits arising from the use of subcontractors. Proper risk transfer can also help you save money on insurance premiums.

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Manual material handling

We offer several tools you can use to train your employees, supervisors, and others in manual material handling topics.

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Nurse triage

Resources to help businesses report and appropriately treat work-related injuries.

fleet vehicles with ladders

Fleet safety

Auto accidents are the leading cause of work-related fatalities in the U.S. Use our sample fleet safety and driver safety manuals to guide development of your own program.

water leaking from pipe

Construction Water Mitigation

The Construction Water Mitigation Program (CWMP) was designed to help contractors, of all sizes, protect their assets, reputation and to ensure their scope of work is completed without the costly impact of water damage.

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Construction Quality Management

This self-assessment program is designed as a tool to assess your construction-related quality processes and help identify opportunities.

Water Mitigation Program for Businesses

Water Mitigation Program for Businesses

Most water damage is preventable when appropriate measures are in place. This customizable program can help business owners of all sizes create a plan to protect facilities against serious water damage and keep costs down.

iLearningEngines Smarter Adults—Safer Children

Help strengthen your organization’s child abuse prevention strategies through ­­­risk identification, training, accessible reporting channels, and development of strong policies and hiring practices.

My Risk Management Plan

A user-friendly tool to help identify risks to human service organizations and develop basic risk-control management plans to address their unique needs. For more information or access, contact your Nationwide Loss Control Services associate or access the “Start Chat” feature below.

Business Continuity Management Interactive Program

Planning for the unexpected can be the difference between a business successfully recovering or permanently failing when disaster strikes. This interactive planning tool is designed to be used by any size business in any industry. Use it to build a new BCP or a-la-carte to update an existing plan.

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