Use it to inspect internal combustion engine industrial trucks before each use.

Internal Combustion Engine Industrial Trust — Gas/LPG/Diesel

This sample checklist for internal combustion engine industrial trucks is featured on the website of the Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA).1 Refer to the owner’s manual, specifications and manufacturer’s recommendations to modify the checklist to suit your workplace needs.

Record of Fluid Added
Date Operator Fuel
Truck# Model# Engine Oil
Department Serial# Radiant Coolant
Shift Hour Meter Hydraulic Oil

Safety and Operational Checks — prior to each shift

Have a qualified mechanic correct all problems.

Engine Off Checks OK Maintenance
Leaks — Fuel, Hydraulic Oli, Engine Oil or Radiator Coolant
Tires — Condition and Pressure
Forks, Top Clip Retaining Pin and Heel — Check Condition
Load Backrest — Securely Attached
Hydraulic Hoses, Mast Chains, Cables and Stops — Check Visually
Overhead Guard — Attached
Finger Guards — Attached
Propane Tank (LP Gas Truck) — Rust Corrosion, Damage
Safety Warnings — Attached (Refer to Parts Manual for Location)
Battery — Check Water/Electrolyte Level and Charge
All Engine Belts — Check Visually
Hydraulic Fluid Level — Check Level
Engine Oil Level — Dipstick
Transmission Fluid Level — Dipstick
Engine Air Cleaner — Squeeze Rubber Dirt Trap or Check the Restriction Arm (if equipped)
Fuel Sedimentor (Diesel)
Radiator Coolant — Check Level
Operator's Manual — In Container
Nameplate — Attached and Information Matches Model, serial Number and Attachments
Seat Belt — Functioning Smoothly
Hood Latch — Adjusted and Securely Fastened
Brake Fluid — Check Level
Hood Latch — Adjusted and Securely Fastened
ENGINE ON CHECKS — Unusual Noises Must Be Investigated Immediately OK MAINTENANCE
Accelerator or Direction Control Pedal — Functioning Smoothly
Service Brake — Functioning Smoothly
Parking Brake — Functioning Smoothly
Steering Operation — Functioning Smoothly
Drive Control — Forward/Reverse — Functioning Smoothly
Tilt Control — Forward and Back — Functioning Smoothly
Hoist and Lowering Control — Functioning Smoothly
Attachment Control — Operation
Horn and Lights — Functioning
Cab (if equipped) — Heater, Defroster, Wipers — Functioning
Gauges: Ammeter, Engine Oil Pressure, Hour Meter, Fuel Level, Temperature, Instrument Monitors — Functioning
[1] Sample Daily Checklists for Powered Industrial Trucks, 7/28/16).

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